I help people write

If you want to write your own book or need help with communication and storytelling, reach out:

peter (at) krogh (.) net or +351 935 356 234 (iMessage/Whatsapp)

I mostly do this kind of work in Danish but as you can tell, I also write in English.

Below is the front page of a book I wrote for Henrik Jespersen, a Danish management consultant (translation: Control is easy, management is hard – a handbook for managers). Together we found the right way to build and deliver the argument. Then I guided our talks, gave the book direction, and wrote.

The reviews have been overwhelming.

I did not know much about management before writing this book, so I had to ask a lot of simple questions. That might be one of the reasons why reviewers as well as readers liked it so much.

This is simply one of the best books about management, I have encountered.

Review of ‘Kontrol er let, ledelse er svært’. 5/6 stars in Børsen, the largest business newspaper in Denmark.
Front page of Kontrol er Let, Ledelse er svært.

The book has its own website, which you can find here.